The list of companies/ Individuals as our associates work for, are given below:-
Indore, Bhopal, Gwalior & Jabalpur, - Madhya Pradesh
1) Politician, Now Hon'ble Forest Minister of MP - Mr. Umang Singhar
2) M/s Paramount Group, Hyderabad, Bhopal, Indore - MP-
3) M/s Bakers India pvt ltd. Indore, MP -
4) M/s Marvelous India Pvt Ltd. Indore, MP
5) M/s Nature agro care & research pvt. Ltd. - Indore, MP -
6) M/s Shushil Corporation - Indore, MP -
7) M/s Growrich Agrotech India Pvt. Ltd. - Indore, MP
8) M/s Anki Group - Transportation and Packers & Movers - Indore, MP -
9) M/s Sanrachana Creation - An Architect Firm, Indore, MP -
10) Rashtreey Ishaai Maha Sangh - Bhopal, MP
11) M/s Khajuraho Plastics- Mandideep, Bhopal, MP
12) M/S Ashtha Mahila Nagrik Sahkaari Bank, Maryadit Bhopal, MP
13) M/S Madhav Corporation- Madhav Infra Project Ltd, Bhopal, MP -
14) Institute of Hotel Management (IHM) of Bhopal, MP -
15) M/s Panchhiraj Petha and Food Industries, Gwalior, MP
16) M/s GTV Engineering Limited -
17) M/s Artech Solonics Limited -
18) M/s Draupadi Constructions
19) M/s Bhoomi Builders -
20) M/s Cropisol Organics Pvt.Ltd -
21) M/s Shelter India Infra Real Estate Pvt. Ltd.-
22) M/s Fusion Infra Estate Pvt. Ltd.- 
23) M/s G.R. Developers- 
24) Janadhar National Party-

Mumbai, Maharashtra
1) M/s Vipul Chaudhary Production for Films, Mumbai -
2) M/s MadBoxx Media Studio, Mumbai, MH –,
3) M/s Sakshi Transport, Mumbai, MH
4) M/s Amit Transport, Mumbai, MH
5) M/s Jewel metals Mumbai, MH
6) M/s Amuparm Transport Service, Mumbai, MH
7) M/s S.J. Logistics (India) Limited, Mumbai, MH,
8) M/s S.J.A. Shipping Pvt. Limited, Mumbai, MH,
9) M/s OPUS DEI Logistics (I) PVT. Ltd, Mumbai, MH,
10) M/s Gulf ORIENT SHIPPING LLP Mumbai, MH,
11) M/s Micro Logistics (I) PVt. Ltd,
12) M/s S.J.L. Group (Singapore) PTE Ltd, Mumbai, MH,
13) M/s First Flight Courier Private Limited, -

UK, UAE, Singapore, Malaysia,
1) Emme Films, UK, UAE, USA -
2) M/s Gulf Orient Shipping Services L.L.C., Dubai,
3) M/s S.J.A Shipping Services L.L.C., Dubai,
Chennai, Tamilnadu
1) M/s Ad Bureau Advertising Pvt. Ltd., Chennai, Tamilnadu -,,
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